The complainant is the publisher and has never been in the business of bookselling as a retailer online through their website. This cannot create any confusion to the average buyer of books, as the Complainant claims, because their site is not and never has been an e-shop.

Logos are completely different in every aspect as you can see in the two opposite pictures. logo even bears the explanatory SNBC GROUP subtitle.


SNBC Group has never used any trademarks that belong to the Complainant in order to pass off as the complainant’s business. Product photos and product descriptions are used to promote and sell the actual products produced and supplied by the Complainant and this does not constitute an illegal practice or copyright infringement. On the contrary the Complainant has been benefiting immensely with the promotion and actual sales of their products which amounts to hundreds of thousands of Euros.

wiktionary deltos DELTOS is the latin transliteration of the common word ΔΕΛΤΟΣ in the Greek language (see pdf file from

There are many websites that contain the word Deltos, as part of a phrase or on its own.

Similarly, is an e-commerce platform that sells Greek language course books and provides consumers and students of the Greek language with educational material. It is operational since 2005 with thousands of customers.

In 2010, the Complainant published a book with the title “Communicate in Greek for Beginners” and claims the copyright on the title. Titles of books, according to international law, cannot be copyrighted, but this is an issue that has nothing to do with the Respondent. The Respondent objects to the Complainant’s claim, given that the words that make the domain name are so generic that cannot be owned as a trademark or copyright by anyone, let alone when this is part of a title of a book.