UK based SNBC Group is a group of companies, partnerships and professionals throughout Europe. SNBC Group owns 32 e-platforms (e-shops, and services) and deals with 21,000 products from more than 250 suppliers. Our bookselling division includes Bibliagora, a network of e-bookshops currently present in more than 10 countries in the world, as well as the (online retail & wholesale of books) and the (online retail of books and resources for language learners), which are dedicated in providing customers all over the world with Greek language books and educational material.

The complainant is actually the publisher and one of SNBC Group’s suppliers of books. They have been providing SNBC Group with their titles for more than 15 years now.

SNBC Group develop in 2007 in order to fill in the gap of promotion, distribution and sale of Greek language course books, including the Complainant’s titles, outside Greece via a dedicated channel.






The business relationship with the Complainant has been smooth for years with high yearly turnover and free flow of communication in order to further develop and enhance co-operation is evident as shown in the photo attached. The complainant has been sharing resources (bibliographical data and high resolution photos of titles) for the purpose of selling their products.

Regrettably, for the last year or so, the Complainant have not met sales expectations and turned their attention to, the most successful and major distributor and seller of the Complainant’s products. is a standard e-shop with pages such as About us, Contact us, Terms & Conditions, Discount Policy etc, which clearly and explicitly state it belongs to SNBC Group who is the seller and distributor of the books. SNBC Group never claimed or attempted to pass off as the publishers or authors of the books.

The Complainant claims that promotes other titles as well and that the Complainant’s titles have been unavailable or out of stock. SNBC Group is not contractually or otherwise obliged to sell only the Complainant’s products. In regards to unavailable products, these are normal occurrences that can happen to any business operation with logistics (transportation, warehousing) requirements.

The Complainant also seems to object the use of photos showing the cover of their books, their title and description which is a fundamental practice for the online sale of these products. The picture in the right shows the Complainant’s product on sale on

The Complainant claims that consumers are confused because of the above but this is unsupported without giving any evidence.

In regards to the Complainant’s last point “╬ťodern Greek Studies Association”, the Complainant has provided a photo which does not explicitly refer to as a publisher. In our view it seems to be an innocent data input mistake where is the source of bibliographical information, rather than the publisher.

Finally, our website was introduced to consumers in 2005 as an online shop which provides retail customers all over the world with Greek language course books and educational resources/material. We can confirm that the Complainant’s products are also listed for sale on

However, the Complainant is omitting important information such as that the full title of their product is “Communicate in Greek for Beginners” and that it was published in 2010.

Moreover, it is common knowledge that titles of books/films etc cannot be copyrighted, but in any case, our website is not